Indoor Data Science as a Service


Painless Data Acquisition, at Scale

The Aurai platform requires minimal setup— devices can send sensor data the moment they come online, no registration required.

Capable of processing hundreds-of-thousands of data points per second, and support for a variety of protocols like HTTP and MQTT, Aurai is ready for anything you throw at it. 


A Data Lake of Exabyte Proportions

Data science evolves over time, and historical data is key to training machine learning models and optimizing algorithms. You should never have to choose between data that matters now and data that might matter in the future.

The Aurai platform allows you to easily, cost-effectively, and efficiently store exabytes worth of historical sensor data and to extract that data in seconds using a simple point-and-click UI or SQL statements.


An "App Store" for Indoor Data Science

Data science is hard, and building a data science team is even harder. Incorporating data science and machine learning into your indoor IoT product or service should be easy.

The Aurai platform provides a marketplace for professional data scientists to offer analytics services, and automates the logistics of mapping, packaging, delivering, and responding to the analysis of your data. 

Predicting mold and condensation damage, diagnosing equipment problems, efficiency monitoring and tuning, detecting air quality problems, and much more is as simple as shopping in a market.


Alerts and Reporting

Data analysis is meaningless until it gets to the right person (or thing) in a timely fashion.

The Aurai platform automates the scheduling and delivery of data analysis to a multitude of destinations, including mobile app push notifications, Emails, spreadsheets, webhooks, and PDF reports.